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Hi, future client 

            Aneta Hayne Photography is a service fully dedicated to serve families and capture essence of family life.

              As a mother of 5, I truly love photography and its ability to be able slow down and help us reflect on our moments from past.That little mirror helps us truly dive deep into being present and appreciate every moment with our loved ones. That's one of my biggest inspirations to specialize in lifestyle photography for babies, kids and families.

              All sessions are done on location, outdoors or clients homes. Every photoshoot is as personal and unique as possible. I also provide photojournalistic style sessions capturing everyday family life or special events like birthday parties, baby showers etc. I'm also a birth photographer, with doula training, and offer packages for expecting moms with maternity, birth and newborn sessions. I'm also available for Fresh Baby photoshoots done right after birth in hospital, birth center or home.

               If you have any questions, please send me email aneta.hayne.photography@gamil.com . I would love to connect and help preserve memories for you family.

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